Submitted by Bill Wadsworth
SS/2B  Hole the record for "Longest Hair"
Babe Ruth Coach
January 28, 2002  "Wow! 30 years.  The letter from current Coach Aaron Clark was certainly a surprise.  It's amazing tome that is has been 30 years since I heard Coach Harold Barwick yell things like:
Time for Lion Rolls; Son...have you ever hit the ball; Marty...smoke that ball by him;  Go get my chew out of the truck;  I think he got hit in the nuts;  My grandmother can throw better than that;  You guys look like push-ups are natural for you;  That bat cost $ use it;  Run a mile and hit the showers; 2 miles;  Son...your gonna have to cut your hair;  I don't care how hot "atomic bomb" feels on your balls...I can't help you son
Anyway, I plan to be at the reunion and even play an inning or 2.  My arms, legs & eyes are 30 years older but I know it will be fun.  We've all gone one with our lives but memories are always least mine are.  It would be good to see as many of you as possible.
We each have our own personal memories and here are a few of mine...
Trying out as a sophomore and making the first cut to 30 hoping to make it to the final cut of 22.  At the young age of 15 Coach Barwick said..."if you can get a hit off 19 year old Marty Rice you make the team".  No explanation of Marty Rice needed.  I actually lasted  4 pitches and was able to complete my swing before the ball got back to Marty from catcher Buddy Forehand.  I remember my first introduction to "Atomic Bomb" further details provided and no permanent damage done.  I have a 5 year old to prove it.
Played shortstop while Mitch Englert was still in basketball...with Perry Shaw at 2nd. Since I had hit about .325 in our first 5 games Barwick put me at 2nd when Mitch came back.  this did not sit well with Perry...who I'd be glad to see at the reunion. 
Then the State of Florida found an irregularity with my "birth certificate"...which they issued.  No not like the Little League pitcher this past year from the Dominican Republic...but a worn off seal.  I was declared "ineligible" but we would not have to forfeit any games. the non-digital age of 1971...and state beauracracy being what it took a month to get a new and approved birth certificate.  By that time there were only 4 games effect I got to play in about 2/3 of the 1971 season.  Ah...but after my initiation with "Atomic Bomb"...something all new players went thru...I still got to enjoy Lion rolls and 2 mile runs."