Submitted by Jeff Altice
1975-1978  3B,
MVP: FR JV Varsity; Most Home Runs: FR, JV Varsity;
"Mrs. Bacherlor "Honey Bee" smoking in the dug out and yelling "Kick it Baby Mule".  Coach Barwick having us do "line rolls" in short pants and yelling "whip, whip" before games, especially down in PC playing Mosely & Choctaw - dressing out 16 players when they had 35 or 40 & stomping their ass.  Never lost a Leon tournament.  Hit 3 home runs off CF Terrell Parker and the 4th time at bat being hit by a pitch - people from Lincoln clapping and yelling, and when I charged the mound, Don 7 John Yates went after the people in the stands."

Submitted by Mark Slappey
1976-1978  LF/CF/RF
"During our Senior year Coach Harold Barwick had us wear uniforms that included short pants.  We had a pretty good winning streak wearing the short pants and went pretty deep into the State Playoffs.  Got beat (3-2) in the State Quarter Finals by Jacksonville Bishop Kenny High School.  We really only had one pitcher the whole season (Robert Chambers).  That team had some very good athletes."